We take pride in offering our clients audit efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-saving measures in the audit services we provide.  Our audits are performed in accordance with all of the professional standards governing professional accounting as well as the necessary audit guidelines.  Audits performed include but are not limited to the following:

Financial Audits

Reviewing of accounting and financial transactions to determine that commitments, authorizations, and receipts and disbursements are properly recorded and reported. These audits start as simple as a compilation of the financial data and can go to a more in-depth review of the financial data, all the way to a full audit of the financial data and procedures.   A professional opinion is expressed as to the fairness of the financial statements in a full audit.

Operational Audits

An examination of the use of resources and the effectiveness and efficiency of their use.

Compliance Audits

Audits to conducted to examine adherence to Federal, State, City, and County, laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

Information Systems Audits

Examination of the internal control environment of automated information processing systems and how they are used.  Examination seeks to review the system input, output, processing controls, backup and recovery plan, and system security.

Internal Control Reviews

Review of the major business activities of an entity.

Investigative Audits

Special audits performed as required to focus on violations of laws, regulations, and policies.  These audits are usually a result of internal theft, misuse of assets, or conflicts of interest.

Contract Audit Services

Specialty audits specific to government contracting environments.  Audits are performed in the preaward phase of the contract, the postaward phase, and internal controls during the performance of the contract.  Some of these types of audits include reviews of pricing proposals, preaward surveys, forward pricing labor and overhead rates, incurred cost audits, overhead rate reviews, cost accounting standards compliance and adequacy reviews, termination claims, financial capability reviews, accounting system reviews, reviews of estimating systems, compensation, billing, budgeting, material management, labor, purchasing, indirect and other direct costs, and contract audit closeouts.